Why R&R?

What makes R&R Unique?

Our goal for your health is all in the name. Let’s start with the basic expression: “Get some R&R.” That expression commonly stands for “rest and relaxation.” Life can be difficult, especially when there is illness, pain, or any other symptoms of an imbalance in the body. Rest and relaxation are necessary to balance out busy and stressful schedules. We encourage our acupuncture sessions to be viewed not only as healthcare,but also as a restful and relaxing break during your week.

Why R&R Acupuncture is unique

Specifically for our business, “R&R” stands for Relief and Renewal. Our primary focus is to provide relief from whatever ails you: physical pain, emotional pain, anxiety, illness, or other symptoms that have come your way. We provide relief not by simply treating or masking your symptoms, known as the “branch,” but we also strongly focus on treating the “root,” or the underlying cause. This enables us to create a completely personalized approach to healthcare: your treatments will be entirely tailored to your lifestyle and your body. Personalized healthcare allows you to find the relief you need.

The second half of our name, “Renewal,” is what we hope for everyone who receives treatment. It is common for anyone going through a health journey to say, “I just want to get back to how I used to feel,” or “I’d like to get back to how things were before.” That is not our goal at R&R. We strive for you to feel better than you did before, and to continue moving forward into this state of new health. We want you to feel a sense of renewal.

Additional Training

Aside from Traditional Chinese Medicine, R&R Acupuncture also offers the following techniques:

  • NADA: The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, known as NADA, provides a special training for a set of specific auricular (ear) acupuncture points used specifically for smoking and other addictions, stress, and trauma. For more information, visit the NADA website.
  • NET: Neuro-Emotional Technique, “NET,” uses muscle testing to address physical pains or ailments caused by strong emotions, stress, or past traumas. For more information, visit the Neuro-Emotional Technique website.